Worship is the most important activity of the Christian Community. All the other things we do as Christians spill out from this. You will be very welcome at any of our services. At St Anne’s we aim to provide, over the month, a rich tapestry of worship, from the formal and traditional to relaxed and children/young family orientated.

Our worship feeds deeply from the well of Anglicanism. Central to the Christian life is feeding on Christ, in word and sacrament and then living out the Christ-like life in the world. The rhythm of our worship draws us in to ponder the mystery of God’s love for us in Christ and empowers us to serve him in our daily lives, at home, at work, at play.



8.00 am Eucharist

A quiet service in traditional language. A chance to place ourselves before the Lord. On the first Sunday of the month we use the Book of Common Prayer.


After the service the congregation retire to the Church Hall for coffee/tea and toast. On the first Sunday of the month there is a discussion group (Adult Sunday School) between 9.00 am and 10.00 am

10.30 am Parish Eucharist.

This is our main service, with music, singing and thoughtful preaching. Our younger members start with us in church then move to the Crèche or our creative Sunday School and rejoin us later in the service. Our great choir and musicians lead us in a diverse variety of music, traditional and contemporary. Our style of worship is deeply liturgical, drawing on the rich practices of the ancient Church, with vestments, servers, and processions.

On the first Sunday of the month we offer a ministry of healing within this service.

On the second Sunday of the month our service is a more relaxed All Age Eucharist when we look at a particular theme and apply our Christian tradition to it. Children's activity are provided in Church on this theme and there is no Sunday School this week.
6.00 pm Evening Worship

Third Sunday of the Month - we sing Evening Prayer in the Prayer Book tradition, listening to God in word, song and silence.


10.00 am Eucharist

As we reach the middle of the week, we pause before the Lord in a celebration of the Eucharist, reflecting together on the scriptures, singing God's praises and receiving from the altar the very bread of heaven. 


St Anne's is a liturgical Church. Our worship draws from the great historic tradition of the Church in the West. Our clergy wear vestments and they are helped, not only by the choir in their singing, but by servers who help with the sacred vessels and minister at the altar.  We are always on the look for new for men and women, and youngsters, too, in this ministry. For more information, phone 0161 969 3167.