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New to Church?

Maybe you went to church when you were younger but got out of the habit? Maybe you're new to the area and looking for new friends and a helping hand? Maybe you have an inner "niggle", a sense that somehow life is not as you think it should be and that maybe there's something, possibly a God-shaped someone, you need to explore...

We're sure you will find in us a warm welcome and the companionship, inspiration and community you seek. We have regular church services in several styles and a wide selection of activities for all ages and energy levels. We are a Christian community, seeking God, seeking to respond to God through the life of the Church and through service to our neighbours near and far. We are a questioning community, grateful for the faith tradition that sustains us, valuing its wisdom, feeding from its rich store-house of thought, yet always ready to push at the boundaries to see whether God can also be found in unexpected places and in unanticipated ideas.

Please explore this website, engage with us through it. By all means come along on Sunday (we would suggest our 10.00am service) and experience our warm welcome both in church and afterwards over coffee in the church hall, where our ministers, lay leaders and congregation will help you find what you're looking for. We also stream most of our services on YouTube - go to and search for St Anne's Church Sale: you'll be able to get a flavour of our bullding, our people and our services


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