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St Anne's Church and Community hall need upgrading to become more Flexible, Accessible and Sustainable.

This project has been a long standing ambition of our Church community and we are now at the exciting point of being able to realise those, previously only dreamt of, ideas.

The latest News can be found here

The project is being managed by a team drawn from the congregation. This team reports to the PCC and will consult with the congregation on key decisions.

We welcome donations to help our work. You can donate via St. Anne's Donation Page  and choose "Future Foundations" from the drop-down list​.

You can also help by:

  • Joining in our fundraising activities or, even better, run your own.

  • Using corporate "matched giving" from your company when you support fund raising activities.

  • Applying to your company if they are willing to donate to community projects. 

  • Providing your professional skills to support the project free.

For any of the above please contact

The Project Team

Alison Cox - Vicar

Pauline Stacey - Churchwarden

Andrew Egarr - Churchwarden

Jenny Egarr

Sarah Kostiuk-Smith

David Thomas

Lucy Bolton - Project accountant

Barbara Abell

Lynda Bywater

Olwyn Marlow - Assistant Vicar

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