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There are many ways to donate, please read on to find the ways that are best for you.

Cash or Cheque

In Church on a Sunday you will find pink Gift Aid envelopes on all the pews, if you also fill in your details we will be able to claim back your income tax too.

Standing Order and Gift Aid

To download a form to set up a standing order to St Anne's, click here, print off and send to your bank....

If you also fill in a Gift Aid Declaration, we can claim back any Income Tax you paid on your donations. The Gift Aid form is here...

Self-Assessment Tax Rebate Giving

Did you know that you can tick a box on your Self-Assessment Tax Return to request that some or all of your Tax Rebate (if any) is donated directly to charity? Why not tick the box on your next tax return and send some of it to St. Anne's? You just need the details below.

Charity Name: St. Anne's PCC Sale
HMRC Charity Code: CAL57AG

Charity number: 1132802

Payroll Giving or "Give As You Earn (GAYE)"

Many employers now offer this service, where a deduction is made directly from your gross pay and given to charity. The church benefits by getting the income tax you would have paid, so a £40 donation costs you only £32 (or £24 if you're a higher rate taxpayer).  Some employers even match your donation. So your £24 can sometimes turn into £80 for the church! Contact your employer's HR department if you want to donate this way or see the HMRC advice here.


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