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​Christening: A step of faith into the Faith Community of the Church.

Christening, sometimes called Baptism, is about wanting God to be a part of your child’s life and you to be part of God’s people we call the Church. It’s a great thing to do.  If you choose to have your child christened you are beginning a conversation with God. You might know what that means or you might not. Or you may be somewhere in-between. Confused? So are many who come to Church.


Faith is a journey not a destination. We journey with God.  We hope that you will join with us at St Anne’s. We are a Christian community exploring what that means in worship, service and practical action. We seek to reshape our lives so we echo Jesus Christ in our priorities.​


You can find out more about what the Church believes about Christenings here:


Can we have our child Christened?​

We christen those who live in St Anne’s Parish (essentially Sale Moor and the part of Sale East of the canal down to the border with Northern Moor. You can check the boundaries here on the Church of England site "A Church Near You") - enter Sale St Anne as the location.  If you do not live in the Parish but have reasons for wanting your child to be Christened here, please do ask.

Picking up an Application Form

To pick up a form, we invite you to come to our 10.00 am Parish Eucharist at St Anne’s.

Date for the Christening

Christenings take place on most Sundays except for the first Sunday of the Month. The service is usually held at 12 noon. In order to make it a more personal experience, we only christen from two families at any one time, with dates decided on a first come, first served basis. Until your form is returned to the clergy and date agreed, please note that no final conversation can take place about dates.

Preparing for the Christening

Before the Christening, you will need to come to a Preparation Session and rehearsal. And please keep coming to church to worship with us. At your child's Christening, you will make promises to help your child join the church so it's a good idea to start this now as part of your preparation. Unfortunately, we cannot baptize until the parents have come to a preparation session.

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